The New Italian American Folktales Project

Congrats, Folktale Authors!

I’d like to congratulate the authors in the upcoming special issue of Voices in Italia Americana (VIA) dedicated to new Italian and Italian-American folktales. These writers have dared to experiment with the folktale form, and I look forward to sharing their stories!

Carolyn Balducci
Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli
Joan Borrelli
Nancy Caronia
Anne Coon
Joann Condellone
Francesco Corigliano
Maria Fama
M.J. Iuppda
Kathryn Larrabee
Holly Masturzo
Samantha Pinto
Delaney Rose
Lisa Lanser Rose

Cover design by Deborah Starewich for the upcoming special edition of Voices in Italian Americana (VIA), from a stunning piece of art by the Italian painter Alessandro Andreuccetti.



I’m currently gathering work for a special issue of Voices in Italian Americana (VIA), to be published in fall 2017. Check out the writer’s’ guidelines. Submissions are open until June 1, 2017. Grazie e buona giornata!

Call for Submissions: Special Issue of VIA

The Contemporary Folktale

We are gathering creative material for a special issue of VIA to honor the inventive spirit of Italian folktales. Writers should submit an original folktale of their own creation, or choose a previously published folktale from an existing source (i.e., Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales, Italian American Folklore by Malpezzi and Clements, Italian Folktales in America by Mathias and Raspa, etc.) and rewrite it from a modern, Italian American perspective, taking into account how Italian culture, traditions, ethnicity, and ways of family life have changed.

Submit your finished story of no more than 1500 words electronically to the issue’s editor, Nick DiChario, at (or email him if you have questions). Include with your submission a brief paragraph of 200 to 300 words explaining why you wanted to write or rewrite your chosen tale, for a maximum word count of 1800 words. If accepted, payment will be one contributor’s copy of the special issue and a discount on purchased copies. (No previously published work, please.)

Submissions deadline: June 1, 2017.

Bordighera Press is a non-profit publisher of Italian-American literature since 1989. We publish works spanning award-winning poetry and prose to groundbreaking scholarship and research. Based in Indiana with editorial offices also in New York City, Bordighera Press has an international presence as the foremost publisher of italianità in North America.

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